Sandys Sage, in a Soulful Sage Journey


Sandys soulful Creations, Sage Bundle , To keep away the Bullshit
Clear your bubble
Fresh from the field

Technically I knew of Sage, When in fact I vaguely knew anything about this potent botanical. I knew some of the bare boned basics. I had heard of and partook in a ceremony that had smudging, though had no idea what botanical they used. In fact. I guess I always assumed it was sweetgrass. this is a result of a lack of education on the subject which ultimately is no fault of my own, if I chose not to seek more information and stay ignorant on the matter that would be a terrible waste of good wholesome and natural logic and flat out disrespectful of the heritage our ancestors laid before us. I would be a hypocrite to say I have always sought truth when in fact ignorance was bliss at one time in my life. If wasn’t for a some of the suffering I have lived and allowed I would never have sought ways to heal. This at its core is exactly that which is what this herb symbolizes for me. A source of healing.

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